Helping Hands Automotive
Who we are: A non-profit, labor free mechanic shop formed to help economically challenged Coloradans and other non-profit organizations repair and maintain their vehicles.
How are we funded: We are funded through government grants, private donations and by the sale of donated vehicles and the sale of vehicles bought from auction and private parties.

Community involvement: We hire and help people from all walks of life regardless of race, age, gender, socio-economic class and criminal background. We also work with at-risk youth to teach them a trade in automotive work.

Community/Environmental Impact: Our mechanical work on vehicles will help ensure Coloradans’ vehicles are safe and operable for the owner as well as others on the road. Reliable transportation to work, boosts the economy of Colorado by allowing people to arrive at work on time and relieves them of stress of wondering if their vehicle will even start to get them to work or make it all the way to work. By repairing Coloradans’ vehicles we hope to improve emissions and pollution in Colorado by keeping vehicles running at their optimum level.

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